About us

Tindle Bears started when my then 2 year old son asked to have a teddy bear. Rather than use someone elses existing pattern, I decided to use my artistic talents and create a special, one of a kind bear based on his specifications. When presented with his first teddy bear, my two year old replied "my trundle" or "my trindle" eventually whittling down his botched pronounciation of teddy bear to "my tindle bear."

Although the results of the first attempt ressembled more of a beaver rather than a bear, I was completely infatuated with the process and began designing and producing bears in earnest. Since then I have designed over 150 original artist teddy bears, numberous plush characters and custom orders. I have developed a very unique style, conveying a sense of character in each bear I make. I love to make people smile!

Each Tindle Bear and critter is completely original from start to finish. From hand sculpted claws and noses to embroidered paw pads, each Tindle Bear has it's own set of individual features. All Tindle Bears patterns start from a concept drawing, that is then converted to a pattern, resized and tested.

Our staff includes the following

Karen Knapp...CEO and chief pattern maker/producer

Jon Knapp...Kitty Poof designer and production manager

Castle the bloodhound...head bone hoarder

Bindie Sue the cattle dog... department for motivational support

Bird the black lab...customer relations and ball finder

Sisko the beagle...expert snoozer

The Baron von Squeak...he's a cat, so he obviously gets paid the most :)